Trust and security

History writes itself – people live it: Enduring principles of value, that have been formed and proven over time. We would like you to be familiar with the FIDESSecur principles, so that you can experience who we are, how we think and how we act.

Two principles are particularly important to us:
Trust and security. Through independence, competence and understanding client demands.

Trust and security through independence

Independence is one of the conditions that enables us to provide optimal advisory services. FIDESSecur is independent to provide sovereign and objective advice as it has numerous, financially strong shareholders and sales partners:

  • Bayerische Landesbank, Munich
  • Deutsche Kreditbank AG, Berlin
  • Hauck & Aufhäuser Privatbankiers AG, Frankfurt and Munich
  • Savings banks in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg
  • SV Sparkassenversicherung, Stuttgart
  • Versicherungskammer Bayern (insurance group)
  • Von Finck′sche Hauptverwaltung GmbH, München

Trust and security through  competence

FIDESSecur works with a customer-oriented three-phase analysis which includes all information for setting up an optimal insurance cover. Because only knowledge creates competence.

1st phase:
The risk analysis is used to uncover external and internal hazard and damage, loss potentials as a basis for financing and profitability optimisation and for the sustainable reduction of costs and administrative expenses.

2nd phase:
The portfolio analysis classifies and evaluates existing insurance contracts – the current cover – and checks whether the conditions and premiums are in line with the risk and market.

3rd phase:
The insurance set up offers the necessary and optional insurance protection, taking into account the individual needs of our clients. The revision of existing insurance contracts and the integration of further insurance contracts are carried out taking into account existing relation with insurance companies.

We use this three-phase analysis to discuss with you the strengths and weaknesses of individual providers of insurance protection, and show your alternatives within the single EU insurance market.

Trust and security through customer proximity

Physical and personal closeness are the basics for intensive consulting and services.

With its comprehensive knowledge and both national and international contacts,  for over 40 years FIDESSecur has been an experienced partner for companies and private customers.

We are committed to understanding our clients‘ businesses. This is the only way we can identify the opportunities and risks of our clients.

Trust in FIDESSecur is a guarantee for your security.

Our corporate culture

The core elements of our corporate culture offers all employees the necessary orientation for cooperation  and management.

  • Customer orientation is the main focus of our activities
  • Our cooperation is based on communication and information
  • Managers and employees are aware of their exemplary role and will be measured by it
  • Appreciation and openness are essential rules of conduct
  • Employee development and transfer of responsibility is the requirement for employee satisfaction
  • Management and leadership with challenging and measurable goals ensures success
  • Entrepreneurial thinking and acting secures the future of our services
  • Motivation mobilizes our abilities and also the enthusiasm to our work
  • Team spirit grows through the contribution of strengths and mutual respect

You can’t buy a corporate culture, it has to grow!

It must be kept alive, in a process that never ends. The more naturally all those involved in the process live these values, the higher the probability of joint success.

This is what we rely on!