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Designing your corporate benefits management effectively

Employees are your human capital. Their efficiency and willingness to perform make a significant contribution to the success of your company.

“Do good and talk about it”, this is the goal we pursue for you in “corporate benefits solution”, in order to build up a modern, holistic compensation system with a variety of options.

You bear a social responsibility and make your company a “brand” for your employees that stands out from the competition, and we accompany you in the establishment and ongoing support of a company benefits management system designed precisely to your needs – in other words, tailor-made.

Utilise sources of added value properly

Social responsibility and employee motivation, integrated into your operational needs. Two components that can be combined very effectively in occupational benefits management.

One traditional and important building block in this context is the occupational pension scheme, which today, unfortunately, tends to be understood more in terms of a salary conversion. Hardly any old-age provision today allows for a higher return. Why not use a company pension as part of a salary increase? There are no additional wage costs incurred by the employer and the employee receives 100 per cent – a win-win situation.

And occupational health insurance also stands for a solution approach within occupational health management. It is a source of added value for employees that can be experienced on a near-daily basis and, at the same time, acts as a cost-cutting instrument for the company. It reduces employee absenteeism and offers additional insurance benefits that your employee would not otherwise receive outside the company in this form, in some cases without a health check.

Especially when it comes to the topic of occupational incapacity, the advantages for your employees – through the possibility of corresponding insurance cover without a health check, and including for your managers with correspondingly high insurance benefits – represent real added value with a unique selling point.

Whatever your occupational benefits management may look like. Make your company a “brand” for your employees and communicate your additional benefits as early as during the search for new employees – we will support you in this.

Why you should choose FidesSecur:

  • Our own team of experts with many years of experience in life and health insurance

  • Collaboration with market-leading solution providers in occupational pension and health care cover

  • Insurance cover for your employees without a health check

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