Information obligations according to the transparency regulation

Consideration of sustainability aspects in the brokerage of insurance products.

Article 3
We consider the information provided by the insurers in line with Article 3 of the transparency regulation within the framework of selected insurance companies and insurance products.
We do not make offers to insurers that do not factor into their investment decisions a clear strategy for the inclusion of sustainability risks.

As part of the tailored consultation held in the interests of the client, we provide a separate depiction if the appraisal of sustainability risks shows us that you will have recognisable advantages or disadvantages.
The respective insurer can find out about the relevant appraisal of sustainability risks in their investment decision using their pre-contractual information.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us in advance about a possible settlement.

Article 4 para. 5
As part of the consultation, the most important adverse effects of investment decisions on sustainability factors of the financial market participant (insurer) will be given only limited consideration, in line with Article 4 para. 5 of the transparency regulation. The appraisal may be made based on the information provided by the insurance company. We are not responsible for the accuracy of this information.
Based on the currently limited information provided by the insurer, these aspects are not currently considered in the consultation as standard. At your specific request, you may be considered based on the currently available data.

Consideration will be made as standard once a wider market offer is introduced in future.

Article 5
In line with Article 5 of the transparency regulation, remuneration for insurance brokerage is not based upon the sustainability risks associated with the investments. This means, in particular, that the remuneration level of the product is neither positively nor negatively affected by the sustainability risks of the investment.

Article 6
In our consultation on insurance investment products, as a rule we do not consider Riester- and basic pensions and/or BAV (German Federal Supervisory Office for Insurance) sustainability risks, as these are already explained by the insurer in the pre-contractual information.

We are happy to arrange a tailored appraisal by the broker acting as financial advisor as set out in the transparency regulation upon your request.

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