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Safe in all circumstances

Safekeeping in a vault or safe deposit box

In today’s world, the desire and need for security are great among the wider population. In this respect, the demand for the safekeeping of valuables or cash has also grown.

If these are stored in a vault or safe deposit box, it is important to protect the contents from potential damage despite their physical security, especially if the storage involves larger assets.

Vault insurance

FidesSecur vault insurance not only protects you against possible damage but also offers a variety of other benefits, for example, in the form of specially designed all-risk insurance cover in cooperation with our established partners.

Our customers benefit, above all, from our many years of experience in working with financial institutions, as well as our international network of insurers. This enables a comprehensive and detailed risk analysis, as well as an individually tailored insurance concept.

Together with our partners, we also offer supplementary advisory services, for example, for the upgrading of vaults.

Why you should choose FidesSecur:

  • Many years of experience as a partner to the Savings Banks Finance Group (Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe)

  • High coverage capacities through access to international specialist insurers

  • German set of conditions

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