Security – packaged to suit you

Security – packaged to suit you

Value chains in trade

Goods are moved, stored and payment flows are mapped in a system-relevant manner to ensure everything can be offered on time in local stores.

The value chain of stationary trade is integrated into an extensive and functional supply network for this purpose.

Security and reliability

We are the reliable partner to suppliers and traders. Through our joint venture with Markant AG, Switzerland, we possess decades of experience in securing trade operations with a focus on Food and Non-Food.

Security is a top priority here: Risk consulting, specialist coverage concepts and claims management are set up for wholesalers and retailers. Our risk audits are especially important in this environment. On this basis, we can reveal to you an objective picture of your risk structure and thus develop a tailored insurance programme.

We also apply the many years of experience gleaned from our joint venture with Markant AG to companies operating in the trade segment outside that of Markant AG. Our expertise is not simply limited to trade companies, but also includes solutions for their production operations and suppliers in the Food and Non-Food sectors.

Markant AG has an extensive network of 14,000 suppliers and 150 traders at 11 locations worldwide, generating a turnover of EUR 53 billion.

Why you should choose FidesSecur:

  • Deep industry knowledge of the stationary trade value chain

  • Decades of experience through our joint venture with Markant AG, Switzerland

  • Comprehensive and scalable coverage concepts in Food and Non-Food

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