Perfectly tailored

Perfectly tailored

For the security of your customers and guests

The specialists at FidesSecur with their many years of experience look after hotels, residential property management companies, property developers, real estate funds and municipal housing construction operations.

We supplement our insurance solutions – which are optimally tailored to the various risk factors at hand – with a comprehensive range of services comprising:

  • The setup of risk management
  • Online-based reporting procedures
  • The efficient conceptualisation of administrative work remaining in the real estate company (e.g. housing unit model)
  • Fast settlement of small claims – individual support for large claims
  • Transparent reporting as per the customer’s wishes

Transparent reporting according to customer requirements

Whether it concerns content insurance, electronics insurance or loss of earnings insurance. As a long-standing partner to the hotel industry, we offer individual solutions with our insurance concepts that are ideally tailored to your business, meaning that your generated income is secure and your risks are perfectly covered. This allows you to concentrate entirely on being the perfect host.

Why you should choose FidesSecur:

  • Many years of industry expertise

  • All-round insurance concepts for the hotel industry

  • Individual support and supplementary services

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