An objective view on risks and side effects

Quickly applied

Our advisory services for corporate customers

With our risk audit offer, you will receive documentation on your company’s individual risk situation, a delta analysis of those risks assessed vis-a-vis your existing insurance portfolio, as well as monetary and risk-relevant optimisation approaches – all in the space of just a few days. If you wish, we can also accompany and implement the resulting insurance solutions for you.

Our holistic view of your company

Our risk audit comprises two specific areas of analysis: the system check and the risk check.

The system check subjects your company to a holistic assessment. As part of a close dialogue with you, we identify the potential business risks facing your company.

In doing so, we look at the operation in its entirety, including the internal communication flows when dealing with risks that arise and their remediation. In addition to the usual event risks, this also includes strategic, operational and financial risks.

Risk – under the magnifying glass

During the risk check, we look at the potential individual risks and how they are currently hedged, including in a dialogue with your management team. The risks are classified here qualitatively according to their relevance and the degree of influence they have on the company’s business.

The existing insurance cover is also analysed as part of the risk check. Subsequently, you will receive a statement on the extent to which your insurance portfolio fits the risk needs of your company.

All results arising from the system and risk checks are summarised transparently in documentation that is submitted to management in a condensed form, comparable to the grading scale you might find on a school report. In addition, separate detailed documentation is prepared for the respective departments.

Why you should choose FidesSecur:

  • Holistic risk assessment (360°) of your company

  • Detailed documentation within one week

  • Individual accompaniment of the resulting adaptation processes

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