Dependability, come wind or rain

Dependability, come wind or rain

Pressing ahead with experience and innovation

“Green energy supply” and its service offerings go hand-in-hand with technical progress, innovative spirit and digitalisation. This applies in equal measure to the manufacturers, installers/service companies and operators of renewable energy systems.

In addition to innovative strength, experience is an important guarantor of success and stability.

In our “Renewable Energies” team, which was formed in 2005, we currently manage 2,269 generation plants in Europe with a total capacity of 3,100 MW in the biogas, photovoltaic and wind power (onshore) sectors.

Over the years, we have succeeded in establishing an extensive network that incorporates service providers, experts and maintenance companies.

They not only assist us and our customers in the event of a claim, but also support you in the pursuit of new projects or conversions.

We also find a suitable insurance concept for modern storage technologies in connection with the generation plant, as a storage facility that operates independently, or as a package solution for the producers of these plants.

Sustainable risk management

Whether it involves wind, biomass, photovoltaics or solar thermal – we have the expertise to insure your plant and provide specific coverage concepts with insurers. Even plants that are already in operation can benefit sustainably from our risk management.

Providers of financing also utilise our expertise to sustainably secure their investment in renewable energies.

Our specialists are distinguished by the following attributes:

  • Swift and dependable risk assessment
  • Ongoing adaptation of the concepts to accommodate current legal and market conditions
  • Insurance cover based on the modular principle, or as all-risk cover for tangible assets
  • Framework concepts for lost feed-in revenues with coverage extensions, such as yield guarantee insurance for photovoltaic systems
  • Competent claims handling

Why you should choose FidesSecur:

  • Over 15 years of industry expertise

  • Proprietary network of experienced service providers and appraisers

  • Efficient insurance concepts for biogas, photovoltaic and wind power plants, as well as energy storage systems

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